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   A Joy to Receive

I am a floral artist who adores making people's day with flowers. I have combined my years of experience in floral design with my passion for photography. These floral artworks can be sent anywhere.  They can be a gift to yourself or to someone else.

Adrienne M 

Sending flowers with love that will last forever
A Bit More About Me
Flowers, plants, and gardens have been a huge part of my life since I was a child and there has never been a time when I have not been captivated by the beauty and magic of flowers. My Mother had green fingers and growing plants and tending our garden in Wellington was a way of life. In my late teens I began a small business growing herbs plants for sale from seed, discovering the joy of seeing beautiful plants blossoming from tiny seeds.
Years later I  co-founded the Eyebright Country Store in Nelson.  There I created a large cottage garden filled with hundreds of beautiful plants including many roses with the names of artists, musicians and writers.  It was a labour of love.  While the garden sparkled throughout the seasons with  many blooms, so did the interior of the store with thousands of dried and faux flowers.  As the main floral and store designer I was able to express my artistic creativity by creating a continually changing series of glorious displays.  It was a dream business which kept me extremely busy for twenty-four years.
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larkspur field.jpg
Over the last ten years  I have been largely working with fresh flowers in my role as a memorial/funeral/event florist.  When I am not making floral arrangements I am drawing, painting flowers and photographing them.